Buttmaster Rocks

Out of all the equipment I have ever used, this ButtMaster gives the best burn!! I cannot believe how hard my butt is. I went to sit down and wondered what I was sitting on?? It was ALL ME! The Thighmaster, Buttmaster and EZ GYM are all my GOTO pieces of equipment. They are convenient and produce QUICK results. Thanks, Suzanne, for your wonderful exercise products plus all of the fantastic food products and books. You are a woman’s best friend. Especially for all of us over 50 who want to stay in great shape, but don’t want to knock ourselves out with all of those high energy insane videos we see on tv.

– Kim from United States on Jan 20, 2014

Still Using

I bought these two items years ago and still use them to this day. While I am at my computer I put them on my legs, if I watch TV they are right there with me.

– Mary Volcsko from Indiana on Oct 11, 2013

Very Pleased!

I received the Suzanne Somers Toning System a few days ago and have used it each day since then. I am very pleased with the results so far. I am glad that I purchased the complete package with both the Thighmaster Gold and Thighmaster LBX, as well as the instruction booklet and CD. My muscles are getting a great workout and I feel a little bit closer to my fitness goals each day.

– Jennifer E. from on Aug 31, 2013

Fabulous Product

I absolutely love this product. You can feel it working the very first time you use it. Thank goodness for Suzanne!

– april8309 from Mohawk, NY on Aug 31, 2013

Awesome Product

I bought this for my wife who was losing weight on a product called Sensa. As she dropped pounds she was complaining about her skin not feeling tight anymore. She’d never lifted weights and we don’t have a gym nearby so I figured these might be the ticket. She LOVES them and I think she’s looking pretty hot!

– Anonymous from Charlston, SC on Aug 31, 2013

Great Results

This system really works!!!!! You can feel the muscles toning and tightening with each workout. I combine this with my Ab Circle Pro for a 30 minutes workout each day and can see the love handles getting smaller. My legs are also looking much better.

– dazzleandshine from Pinckneyville, Il on Aug 31, 2013

Love Them

I’ve owned these two items for years now – I bought each separately because they hit the market years apart (what a great deal to buy them now as a unit) – unfortunately I’ve been hit and miss on my exercises lately – a recent fall resulting in knee injuries has me in physical therapy – I am now back to using these items daily as part of my twice a day routine – I am sending these to my sister’s home in Florida so that I can work out with them while on vacation.

– MValleyGirl from Seattle, Washington on Aug 31, 2013

Works Fast, Easy To Use

I’ve had these before, left them with my daughter when I moved out of state, and as a 62 year young woman, I can tell you the bottom started to sag. I was proud to have a tight tush, so am getting it back. Using these two tools lift the bottom, and trim the inner and outter thighs quickly. These won’t be given away!

– McBeth from Corpus Christi, TX on Aug 31, 2013